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As forensic science experts, we immerse ourselves in continued professional development.  From time to time, we like to share articles on this page for other forensic practitioners to access, and also to provide lawyers with access to materials which we believe may assist them in understanding scientific findings.


ENFSI Guideline for Evaluative reporting in Forensic Science

This document provides reporting forensic practitioners with a recommended framework for formulating evaluative reports.  An evaluative report is one in which an assessment of the strength of the evidence is attached to the findings in the context of the alleged circumstance. This report is invaluable to the forensic practitioner, but also contains a good insight for the legal professional in determining what they should be expecting from the forensic scientist.


 Science in Court: Challenging the value of expert evidence by Maeve Curry

In this paper, published in the September 2015 issue of the NSW Law Society Journal, barrister Maeve Curry talks about challenging forensic science in the court.  In particular, she references a case in which Independent Forensic Services assisted on.


Handling Forensic DNA evidence

This article was written by Independent Forensic Services following requests from legal practitioners for a simple ‘go to’ guide.