The science behind the scene

Our experts offer critical appraisal and evaluation of reports, case files and source documents concerning forensic biology, DNA, bloodstain pattern analysis and crime scene examination. We provide quality, timely advice all contained in a comprehensive report that makes sense to non-scientific readers.


How we operate


Firstly, we determine if all appropriate examinations and analyses have been carried out. Then, we offer an expert opinion based on the significance of the evidence within the context of each case. Using our discoveries, we can identify appropriate lines of questioning or appear as the expert witness in court. We can also conduct laboratory examinations in a purpose-built forensic laboratory, or visit other laboratories or scenes if required.


Let us consult on your casework; we offer a thorough initial case assessment consultation.



The detection of human biological fluids such as blood, semen or saliva is of critical importance when evaluating DNA evidence. We’re across the broad spectrum of techniques used in detecting body fluids, including blood, semen, saliva and urine. Use us to interpret findings obtained by other agencies or to examine exhibits independently. When body fluid is detected, and a DNA profile obtained from a stained area, it’s vital to get an expert opinion as to whether the DNA derived from the body fluid detected. Where this doesn’t happen, we’re here to bridge that gap. We offer a comprehensive understanding of what body fluid and DNA evidence mean in the context of prosecution and defence accounts.



We draw on our extensive experience analysing DNA within operational forensic science laboratories. To verify or refute a result, we can review the case-specific methodology used or process DNA samples independently. If your case involves processing DNA samples, get in touch with us now so we can turnaround the analysis before your court deadline.



Understanding DNA profiles is complex and involves elaborate statistical analyses. To provide an independent evaluation of DNA profiling results, our scientists use STRmix™ to interpret and statistically evaluate DNA profiles. We go beyond reporting a simple match or no match; instead, we look at DNA results in a case-specific context to form an opinion on what the results really mean.



We use biology (properties of blood), physics (projectile motion and fluid dynamics) and mathematics (geometry, distance and angles) to interpret bloodstains and recreate the actions that caused them. At the crime scene, we look at the appearance, distribution, size, range, shape and spread of bloodstains on weapons, clothes or objects to interpret the event. In essence, BPA aids in determining the credibility of witness, victim and suspect statements. It also provides an investigative aspect to help paint a picture of the event when there’s little information available.



We know that recovering and collecting evidence at the scene of the crime is pivotal to your case. If not completed with paramount precision, you risk compromising your entire case. With our crime scene experience, we can review the evidence collected at the crime scene to determine its reliability. This process is more important than ever as in some jurisdictions, crime scene examiners collect DNA samples, rather than subjecting them to the rigours of scientific testing.



Our scientists are qualified and experienced as expert witnesses having provided expert evidence to courts across Australia and internationally.  We can assist in providing appropriate lines of questioning for expert witnesses, or appear as an expert witness in court.